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Geomagnetic detector MACNODE-3

An all-buried geomagnetic detector, the MACNODE-3 is compact, highly reliable, easy-to-install device able to meet various requirements in a field work environment. Wirelessly transmitting detected data to the receiver, it can conveniently configure, debug, and test equipment via the wireless network; with multiple work modes for different application scenarios, it can also set and adjust functions according to the scenario and requirements. It has a long lifecycle and can normally work more than five years (on the basis of 10,000 vehicles/day).


Detection functions:

Work frequency for detection samples: adjustable 1-100Hz according to the application scenario;

Traffic volume: the accumulated number of vehicles passing a certain section within a certain detection period;

Vehicle speed: the speed of vehicles passing a certain detection section;

Inter-head interval: the time interval between the head ends of two consecutive vehicles in a procession of vehicles moving on the same lane.

Lane-occupation time: the time for the accumulated occupation of vehicles passing a certain section;

The report of collected road traffic data can be made in real time or once every minute. Typically, reporting every minute applies to traffic guidance applications, while real-time reporting is used for smart traffic light control or camera shooting at the checkpoint.

Technical specifications:

Item Parameter
Dimension Φ105mm*85mm
Battery lifecycle The lifecycle of a built-in battery ≥5 years
Voltage 3.6V
Working current ≤0.8mA
Working frequency 433MHz
Distance of communications Distance from base station after buried is > 300m
Detection precision 99.90%
Working temperature ﹣40 ~ +85℃
Protection level IP68
Detection radius 0.1~1.5m
Scope of detectable vehicle speeds 0~200Km/h
Detection technology Tri-axial reluctance sensor
Bearing capacity 15T
Wireless operation Wireless upgrade and deployment
Installation method All-buried and at the same level as the road surface
Data security Digital encryption function for wireless communications
Anti-interference The detection area is 360°; anti-interference, waterproof, and damp-proof