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Base Station Controller MACBASE-3

The MACBASE-3 base station controller maintains two-way wireless communications and connection with the MACNODE-3 geomagnetic vehicle detector. It is responsible for synchronizing with the geomagnetic vehicle detector, transmitting configuration commands and confirmation information, and receiving detection data from the geomagnetic vehicle detector. After processed through a smart algorithm, the processed and consolidated data are sent to the signaler or transmitted it to the host of the central server via the IO switch value method or via the Ethernet/RS485/RS232 serial wireless network for the display, storage, statistics, etc. of the number of lines at the platform system of the backend.

Technical specifications

Item Parameter
Power supply Solar energy or mains power (optional)
Battery lifecycle The battery lifecycle is more than 5 years.
Working temperature of built-in battery ﹣40℃~85℃
Communications module Supports multiple transmission modes for connection with the backend, including China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom.
Capacity A single base station controller connects to more than 100 parking slot detecting sensors or wireless transmitters.
Distance of communications Reliable distance of communications with a parking slot geomagnetic detector is more than 300m in an open place.
Relay function With the relay function: the distance of communications is not less than 800m.
Anti-interference between base stations With a design of supporting anti-interference between controllers.
Data security With the function of digital encryption for wireless communications
Protection capability With waterproof and pressure-resistant design, compliant with the IP68 standard.
Working frequency 433MHz
Data interface 1 network port, 1 RS485, 2 RS232s, and 2 wireless communications interfaces