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Centralized and Coordinated Signal Controller HDTC48

Product functions:
The HDTC48 is a coordinated and controlled traffic signaler developed by HEADERITS. Flexibly applicable to various complicated traffic conditions in China, it can carry out coordinated control over automotive vehicles, non-automotive vehicles, and pedestrians. It can also work with the traffic signal control software of HEADERIT to fully implement the control strategy of three levels: single spot, main route, and area. It complies with the national standard GB25280-2010 Road Traffic Signal Controller. 
Product characteristics:
→48 signal output channels, including 36 automotive indicator lamps and 12 pedestrian indicator lamps; output configuration insurance;

→Fault detection, degradation, alarm issuing, and coordination and control without cable interference;

→Able to realize green wave coordination and control; time base schedule number 32, period table number 32, scheme number 32, and stage table number 32; 

→GPS timing and able to achieve concerted control through the collaboration of remote communications networks such as the Ethernet, GPRS, and 4G;

→Allowing for inquiry and settings via the command center platform, handsets, tablets, mobile phones, etc.; 

→Remote online control timing, multi-period multi-phase control, sensing control, and area coordination and control; 

→Supporting multiple countdown methods (such as touch and communications) and connection to the vehicle traffic monitoring base station of HEADERITS.

Technical specifications:

Project Parameter
Power requirement 220±44V,50Hz±2Hz
Working temperature -20℃~+85℃
RH 45%-95%
Lightning protection measures (1KV—10KV) Up to lightning protection voltage standard (1-10KV)
Insulation resistance ≥10MΩ
Maximum power consumption 30VA (without load)
Maximum load 5A/channel