Case for Smart Parking in Static Traffic in Quanzhou

Release time:2016-09-28     Source: Hengda wisdom

    Smart Parking in Quanzhou collects the number of available or unavailable parking slots in parking lots via geomagnetic sensing and guides the vehicles to be parked through the guidance screens at various intersections. Coupled with manual photographing, it helps to establish the parking evidence and accurately charge the parking vehicles according to the time reported by the geomagnetic device. 


 Parking Guidance Screen at Dongnan Hospital







 Guandi Temple Parking Lot



          关帝庙1.jpg    关帝庙2.jpg   



 Licheng Building Parking Lot






          IMG_20160927_120121.jpg     IMG_20160926_140727.jpg



 Qingjing Temple Parking Lot






 Donglu Road Parking Lot