Solution to Simulation and Forecast System for Urban Traffic Data Collection and Analysis

Release time:2016-08-29     Source: Hengda wisdom

  As the most critical part of the smart traffic management system, traffic data collection technology is the basis for traffic management behaviors such as status identification and traffic signal timing; it plays an important role in the monitoring and scientific management of the urban traffic management system. Accurate and valid traffic data is the foundation in change to the road plan, phase optimization, and so on. With the geomagnetic vehicle detector from HEADERITS, you can obtain accurate and valid traffic data and, through its traffic data collection and analysis system, get valid results based on Big Data; you can therefore carry out simulations to check the effect of the optimized solution.

Its topology is as follows: 



  The wireless geomagnetic vehicle detector is used as the main collection means and connects to the other collection systems via an open interface in combination with the ground loop, video collection, microwave collection, and data of sources. Through HEADERITS’ forecast and simulation system for Big Data analysis, it provides authorities with various analysis and forecast results and simulates the optimization results through the input optimization solution. Adopting the MapReduce open software architecture, the system integrates with the traffic Big Data analysis algorithm and quickly obtains various analysis results.