Smart Traffic Light System Solution

Release time:2016-09-22     Source: Hengda wisdom

If the traffic light system is unable to precisely detect lane traffic, it can only control the intersection by fixed timing; in this case, it cannot make quick response to the actual traffic change and the ground loop or video collection that it adopts have certain shortcomings. The ground loop can precisely detect traffic but is vulnerable and difficult to maintain; video collection has such inadequacies as poor precision and high costs. HEADERITS’ wireless geomagnetic vehicle detector can excellently make up for the inadequacies of the former two methods, making smart traffic light control possible thanks to low costs, easy maintenance, and precise detection.


Its topology is as follows:



  HEADERITS’ wireless geomagnetic vehicle detector MACNODE-3, when all-buried in each lane, can detect the time length of each vehicle and time interval between two consecutive vehicles; by sending signals to the signaler via the main receiver with a delay of not over than 100ms, it can well meet the requirement of the signaler for the timeliness and accuracy of the detected signals. The functions of HEADERITS’ wireless geomagnetic detector vary with the burying positions. Buried near a stop line, it provides the signaler with traffic data; buried in the middle of the road or far away from the stop line, it provides the signaler with queue length; buried at the exit, it provides the signaler with overflow data about traffic.