Solution to Smart Urban Parking Guidance and Operations System

Release time:2016-08-29     Source: Hengda wisdom

   A smart urban parking system is one that uploads online the data about scattered parking lots via smart detection technology and publishes on the user terminal in real time the parking data in multiple parking lots. In so doing, it guides the driver in parking his/her vehicle with ease as well as preselecting and booking a parking slot.

   At present, parking is already a problem that seriously affects the orderly operations of a city and its sustainable development. It also partially contributes to traffic congestions, making all walks of life and government highly concerned.

  There are three types of parking slots: the roadside temporary parking slot, fixed parking slot in a parking lot, and a parking slot in a neighborhood or institution premises. A wireless geomagnetic detector of HEADERITS, buried in a roadside temporary parking slot for collecting and processing parking information, can accurately sense the status of the slot in two to six seconds; by connecting to the entrance/exit check system in a parking lot or a neighborhood, it can accurately identify the status of the parking lot or the neighborhood. By integrating various parking data sources, processing the data, and publishing it on the three-level guidance screen, it enables the driver to find the available parking slot conveniently, thus reducing the number of vehicles on the road and alleviating road traffic pressure. The system supports multiple payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat, and Union Pay so that the driver can conveniently pay online or make automatic payment. With perfect O&M functionality, the system can identify faults in a timely manner and auto-generate a maintenance work order, which is automatically be sent to the mobile phone of the O&M staffer on duty, providing round-the-clock guarantee for the system’s normal operation.  

Its topology is as follows:



Our solution: one-stop service


    Making the one-stop service “parking slot guidance and booking, self-help payment, and reverse vehicle tracking” generally available so that the driver can fully grasp traffic information to facilitate his/her travel and avoid traffic congestions due to detours. 








One-stop service from parking slot information collection and parking guidance to payment & operations system management.